Love is Deep
Zheng Dingding has always been quietly accompanying her boyfriend Chen Xun, and was only thinking about him for his own sake. She even gave up her dream of being a pet toy designer for their relationship. Until Zheng Zheng suffered from breast fibroma and found that her boyfriend still had feelings on his ex-girlfriend, she finally decided to give up this relatinship. Regaining confidence by the encouragement from the chief physician Ning Weijin of the galactophore department, Ding Ding bravely pursue the dream again. Because of an encounter in childhood , Ning Weijin had already had Ding Ding in his heart. Ning Weijin, who had never dated any girls before,read a variety of romantic novels to learn the ways that helps to chase a girl with the support of his sister Ning Weixuan, and used pet cat named Ning Weinan to make closer relationship with Ding Ding. Under the joint management of the two, Ning Weinan came to the peak of its life and became really popular internet celebrity. Ning Wei also gradually entered the world of Zheng Dingding. Although there were many differences between the two in the professional career and family background, the two tried their beat to overcome various difficulties for the other. A doctor and a pet toy designer performed a love healing romance. There is a cute cat inside, super "chest"!