My Girlfriend is an Alien
Chao Xiaoqi, who was an alien girl came from the "Cape Town Planet",lost her signal and had to stayed on earth then encountered a overbearing boss named Fang Leng who was suffering from the "rainy weather heterosexual amnesia". A hilarious and romantic cross-star love story got started. Chai Xiaoqi was not only an alien, but also a true-handed witch. Once she inhaled the hormone emitted by the males on the earth, she would fall into the "flowery state" and met many funny things after that. In order to survive on the human earth, Chai Xiaoqi used her various super powers to solve one accident after another.The ups and downs will make the audience surprised and feel like be on a roller coaster. The hero is a cold and overbearing boss. When it rained, he would forget the female around him. The two of them will launch many hilarious stories. The experience of high sweetness and romance is expected to be Strongly slammed the girl's heart when it was broadcast.